The Hawks Fuel Terminal

We are an ambitious fuel supplier in the Maldives with a pioneering Fuel Terminal accommodating a total of 6 tanks on Thilafushi island. The new fuel terminal has a fuel capacity of 30 million liters at all times to meet the increasing demand of fuel in the island nation. This huge investment is revolutionary for the company with the core business of fuel supply serving mainly the private sector such as touist resorts and safaris, local businesses, speed boats and fishing vessels in the Maldives. With the development of a jetty area directly connected to the fuel terminal, our clients have the flexibility to easily dock and receive fuel or to request the delivery with our own vessels to their resort, local island or construction project in any Atoll and to Exclusive Economic Zones. The new berth wharf of 20 meters features 8 fuel stations for diesel and 6 for petrol with a cargo loading / discharging rate of 15,000 tons in approximately 24 hours.